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afterglow is a revolutionary company merging porn and sexual wellness through mouth-watering, sex positive content that highlights the pleasure of all participants. As an emerging brand coming onto the scene of a monopolized market, they were seeking help to solidify their branding experience. Fundamentally, they wanted to dig deep in order to discover what their ideal customer was truly looking for in the erotic space.

"I worked with Jessie and Daniela when I first started afterglow and was looking to dive into our visual style and brand voice. They immediately “clicked” with what I was doing and showed a deep understanding of my brand. I consider myself more operational than creative, and I loved how they took me through a process designed to unlock my creativity and vision. They took the jumble in my head and turned it into clear standards I could communicate to the team." - Lilly Sparks, CEO & Founder of afterglow

With Pleasure, Lilly

With Thanks

To the amazing afterglow team and our creative collaborators who brought this brand to life.

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