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reFIND Shopping seeks to disrupt the fashion industry through its value-driven mobile marketplace, giving the power back to consumers to put their dollar where their heart is. They do this by connecting sustainable shoppers to ethical brands, empowering customers to make a positive environmental impact with their shopping choices... and look good while doing it. reFIND approached us during their early stages of development, knowing that they needed support in developing strong brand positioning in order to acquire funding, build a community, and launch their MVP app. From there, we were tasked with strategizing the best way for reFIND to cultivate community engagement through social media and email marketing, while building authority as a leader of the sustainable fashion movement.

We worked to enter reFIND to market with intentional messaging and content aimed to improve the customer journey. This empowered us to grow their social media engagement and reach by over 200% in their first month of implementation. reFIND quickly built a reputation as a resource for sustainable shoppers to find emerging ethical brands they love, and learn more about starting their own sustainability journey.

Fostering an eco-conscious community.

With Thanks

To reFIND's founder & visionary - Loriza Ibarra - for giving us the opportunity to get creative with your brand.

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