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Sereya offers harmonious CBD products for women that support conscious buying choices through clean, wellness-inspired ingredients, stylish designs and an elevated experience. This concept project that brings to life our take on a skincare brand positioning itself to launch in the rising CBD industry. We’ve taken inspiration from the natural, delicate state of CBD and interpreted it into a privileged indulgence for the skin. In this concept, luxury is defined by an interwoven mix of science and art. Knowing this, we were led to lean on our creative and logistical expertise in order to develop this concept through evolution, iteration,and refinement.

We aimed to create a portmanteau that felt familiar to a consumer audience, yet intriguing enough to invite one to dig deeper. During our exploration, we dove into concepts that touched on elements of self-care, luxury, and whimsy. We wanted to create a name that embodied tranquility and femininity, with whispers of mystical notes. The resulting Sereya is a smooth combination of the words: Serenity and Freya.

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